domenica 29 gennaio 2017

M. Bison VS Demonic Creatures

Hi, guys! There are big troubles for General M. Bison! A terrible menace looms on Shadaloo!

See you soon!

giovedì 26 gennaio 2017

The true story of Leonardo DiCaprio

Hi, guys! Who really is Leonardo DiCaprio? Here you'll discover what is the darkest secret of the brightest star of Hollywood! (Inspired by an episode of Weird Science - EC Comics.)

See you soon!

domenica 22 gennaio 2017

Teen Wackies - Ep.18

Hi guys! Today Emmy meets one of the most famous Italians in the World. Ehm, no, it's not Berlusconi! See you soon!

venerdì 13 gennaio 2017

Socievil - Ep.5

Hi, my friends! A new episode of Socievil, with Judge Smith and Senator Morrons dealing with their daily problems. See you soon!

mercoledì 11 gennaio 2017


Hi, my friends! Today I present you the first song of the Teen Wackies...Timeman! See you soon and happy nightmares!

martedì 10 gennaio 2017


Hi, everyone! Today I present you the Teen Wackies channel, hoping that it could disgusts you properly! See you soon!

lunedì 9 gennaio 2017